Susan Erony is anSelf Portrait artist whose work has focused primarily on history and the human condition, and on the creation of safe visual spaces in a troubling world. Erony has consulted to organizations on issues of art and society, taught, lectured and written on both art history and art practice, and organized exhibitions on subjects ranging from the use of artistic devices in creating prejudice to those showcasing the work of one artist. She has exhibited extensively in Europe, Canada and the United States, and her work is in public and private collections in North America, Europe and Israel.

Erony says about herself:

“I have always been a reluctant artist, maybe because when I make art, I also obsess about meaning, existence and inhumanity. I can’t seem to separate them, and I have always questioned what kind of contribution I could make by spending my time creating objects with no tangible purpose. So I have tried doing other things.

But nothing in life has ever meant as much to me as visual art. It has been my solace and refuge, when I am making it or viewing it. It is where I experience awe in my life. It is the means by which I best process ideas. It is necessary for me to have any sort of peace in my life.

Even when I am not consciously focusing on a particular history or theme, the state of the world runs like a river through my art making.”